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Thai Yoga Massage

60 mins £55
90 mins £75
120 mins £95

What is a Thai Yoga Massage?

This form of body work is regarded as a lazy way of acquiring all the benefits of yoga without having to practise it yourself. It combines yoga movements with acupressure techniques.


The acupressure works to clear any blocked energy lines within your body whilst the yoga movements aid in flexibility.

This treatment can be very relaxing due to the rhythmic movements practiced allowing the client to unwind. The stretching of the tissues reaches a bigger range than if you attempted them unaided helping regain a better flexibility over time.

Thai Yoga Massage is done fully clothed on the ground. Loose fitted clothing that you are able to move easily in is recommended.

Best to have Thai Yoga Massage if:

  • You want to improve your flexibility

  • You enjoy a different style of bodywork to the conventional massage

  • You want a full body treatment


Available on Wednesdays only.

Both Amy and David offer treatments please use the booking system below.

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