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Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes £26
60 Minutes £45
90 Minutes £65

What is Deep Tissue Massage? 

This form of treatment is very similar to Swedish Massage but the aim of the treatment is different. As the pressure of Deep Tissue is much firmer than Swedish, clients may find it more difficult to drift off and relax.

Many of the same techniques are used in Deep Tissue Massage but with added movements to purposely affect deeper layers of the tissues.


More conversation between client and therapist may occur during the treatment to check in with the pressures and affects felt.

The consultation process will reveal what areas are best to work on and the approach that will be undertaken. This may not always cover a whole body treatment.

This treatment will require the client to undress to expose the working area- it is not always necessary to fully undress down to the underwear.

Best to have a Deep Tissue if:

  • You want a firmer massage

  • You can still relax with a deeper pressure

  • The focus is on a specific area of tension

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