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Swedish Massage 

30 Minutes £26

60 Minutes £45

90 Minutes £65

What is a Swedish Massage?

The most widely experienced form of massage using slow, rhythmic strokes that create a relaxing, unwinding experience. The purpose of this massage is to aid in reducing muscle tension while always keeping the aim of relaxation in mind.

A Swedish Massage is a full body massage but specifics on where to spend the time can be discussed with the therapist prior to the treatment. Areas that are treated are feet, legs, back, arms, hands, abdomen, chest and neck. If there are any areas that you do not want to be treated, these can be omitted without an issue.

The pressure used in the massage is either light, medium or firm. Of course, this can be changed during the treatment if areas are needing more or less pressure.

This massage treatment will require the client to be undressed down to under garments and half way through the treatment the client will need to turn onto the opposite side of the body. Only the working area is exposed during the treatment.

Your therapist will not speak to you unless you want them to- Swedish Massage is about leaving the client to unwind so there is little engagement between the two.

Scented or unscented oils are used, any skin complaints or sensitivities are always discussed before treating.

Best to have a Swedish Massage if:

  • You want to relax

  • You want the whole body treated

  • You have no specific complaints on an area

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