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Hot Stones

30 Minutes £30
60 Minutes Partial £50

90 Minutes Full Body £65

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Using basalt heated stones this type of massage is deeply relaxing. Swedish massage techniques are used in combination with hot stones to massage the areas of the body.


The hot stones are an extension of the practitioner's hands and different sizes and shapes are used depending on the treatment area.


The heat allows deeper work to be undertaken without the need for much pressure. Some stones may be left on your body on areas of the practitioner's choosing. This may be to relieve an area of particular tension or to work on the energy lines.

Partial body or full body massage is available and areas to be worked on will be discussed prior to treatment. The client is expected to undress to undergarments and half way through the treatment turn over.

Best to have a Hot Stone Massage if:

  • You want to relax

  • You enjoy a heated treatment

  • You want a bit of luxury

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