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Sports Massage Therapy

30 Minutes £26
60 Minutes £45
90 Minutes £65


What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports Massage is a treatment that all can benefit from. A bigger and broader knowledge is needed medically to best treat the patient. A wider range of techniques are also used to best treat the affected areas.


The aim of the treatment is not to elicit pain- but many find this treatment modality more painful as the treated areas already have dysfunctions and sensitivities within them. With this fact comes a much more interactive treatment between therapist and patient.

The treatment is based on the body as a whole- considering a variety of factors that may affect the outcome or reoccurrence of the issue. Muscles are treated in relation to how they function in the body and a consultation will highlight (most times) what the cause of the symptoms are.

In a Sports Massage there is a lot more movement expected from the client on the couch to allow better working positions into certain muscles. You may be asked to perform certain exercises and movements prior to the treatment to aid the therapist in their treatment plan.

Many patients attend appointments in sports wear or bring shorts with them to change into. This is not a whole body massage- the treatment is guided by how you present at the time.

You do not need to be an athlete or avid sports person for this treatment to benefit you.

Best to have a Sports Massage if:

  • You have a specific injury or issue

  • You need support performing in your activity or sport

  • You want a more active treatment modality

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