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The Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

So you now know from the previous blog a short history of Thai Massage and what to expect.

Now the next question might be why should I try it?

It may not be enough to say because it's great! So let's delve into the reasoning a bit deeper...

As we age the aspect a lot of use lose touch with is our flexibility. This can cause a lot of changes in our posture and daily movements. Thai Massage is a great bodywork for concentrating on flexibility and aiming to improve it. With long sweeping motions and stretches slowly applied to the body, it's primary aim is to help increase your range of motion.

The idea of being stretched when feeling so restricted may leave you thinking that this isn't for you. However, that is exactly the reason why it would benefit you!

Thai Massage is a treatment that can be truly relaxing and meditative. A lot of people instantly think of pain and discomfort when having Thai Massage. This has come from the experience of the speed in which the treatment is applied. That fact is relevant for all forms of soft tissue work. If any movement is applied too quickly you bounce out of the tissues which is not beneficial to the overall aim. When the body is in a relaxed state it is easier to influence. Thai allows for moments of calm and peace, engaging with the mental benefit of therapy.

Many clients like the fact it is quite unique in it's treatment type. There is no couch, there are no oils, no need to take any clothing off. It is a very dynamic treatment that moves all of the body and pressure can be easily applied as you are working directly over the client.

So if you like the following then book yourself some Thai:

  • an aim to improve your flexibility

  • peaceful moments in the treatment to fully relax

  • lots of limb movement to aid range of movement through joints

  • an informal treatment allowing conversation throughout

  • no oils or creams used- great to have in the middle of a busy schedule

  • an aim on the whole of the body

Any questions get in touch!

Amy Rose

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