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How often should I have a massage?

A very popular question that crops up time and time again in the treatment room.

And there is a correct answer to it...

Unfortunately that answer is different for every person.

Here are some factors you can think about to guide you to a better understanding of what may suit you!

Activity Dependent

If you train intensely in the gym or in your sport having regular massage treatments will help with muscle inflammation.
Put massage therapy into your recovery routine

Do you partake in regular exercise or activity that challenges your body physically ?

Are you training for an event or specific goal where your exercise output will increase over a period of time?

Do you live a more sedentary life where your body doesn't get much daily movement?

Many visitors to the clinic have their own regular schedule of exercise. Alongside their own self-care routine it may suit you to have a regular treatment session somewhere between 4-8 weeks. If your schedule is more taxing and you are leading up to an event you may decide every week or other week is more realistic to help with recovery. If your goals are activity driven this usually means having something regular at a set amount of weeks is more beneficial with your regime.

If your job does not involve much movement then clients usually start off every 3-4 weeks initially and then extend the length until the next session later down the line.

Mentality Dependent

Feeling better mentally and physically is what we are all working towards. Massage and bodywork are a few staples you can add into your routine to feel better, move more easily and spend time investing in yourself.
A massage treatment is time well spent.

Are you in a high stress job or suffer from certain ailments that affect your physical body with tension?

Do you need a specific amount of time away from your everyday surroundings to help you de-stress?

Does checking in for a treatment every now-and-again boost your morale?

The mental health aspect of massage treatment is very important and everything should be weighed up to ensure that it is positively impacting you. From booking in, visiting the centre and being able to 'relax' in the time slot- it all counts. If you are already stressed trying to fit in many regular appointments then attempt to attend a treatment every 2-3 months. Factors such as finances, work schedule and your own free time will influence what is feasible for you. Do not place undue stress upon yourself by having regular appointments, just drop in as and when.

You may be on the opposite side of this where having something set and regular helps reduce anxiety and aids planning, so starting around 4-6 weeks is appropriate.

Joy Dependent

Having a regular self care regime can do wonders for your wellbeing. It can be just what you need to start building good habits and get the confidence to add new ways of looking after yourself into your life.
It isn't selfish to prioritise you.

Are you someone that enjoys having a regular self care regime?

Do you need a 'treat' every so often that is solely for yourself?

Are treatments an essential part of your well-being?

If this sounds more like you then you don't need something as stringent as 4,6,8 weeks. This can be irregular and booking in a session when best suits.


This may have made things a lot more clearer or furrowed your brow a little more. Like I said at the start- there is no best answer. If you want massage and bodywork to be a part of your life then you will fit it in as best you can.

Any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Amy Rose

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